Compensation Model for Contributors

Welcome to WikiPigskin's new Contributor Compensation Model. Starting August 4th, 2018 at 6am EST, users can earn money based on content they post to WikiPigskin.


1) Post an Article

2) Share your article with friends

2) Earn cash based on traffic.

Users earn cash based on traffic and the Users Writer Level. Every time you post an Article or Nugget (tiny article) you earn WikiRep Points which are collected and determine your current Writer Level. See tables below. Users' revenue bonues are determined by that user's Writer Level. 

The first 40 users to publish an article after the start date will automatically become featured writers.

Featured Writers receive 100% bonus on generated revenue, on top of Writer Level Revenue Bonus. Featured Writers are the most active/popular contributors and a major metric involved in staying or becoming a featured writer is your Traffic Rate which is a aggregate of your activity/participation/popularity over the last 60 days. However active writers for given sports won’t lost their featured writers designation in the off-season (that just wouldn’t be cool).

We use a black box algorithm and offline data storage to proactively compat any potential illicit activity, interference, and/or data manipulation.

User wallets are updated daily between midnight-6am EST. 

All content posted by users undergoes moderation before being published. Users only gain WikiRep if content is published. For full guidelines regarding content, see terms and conditions. 

Earn WikiRep by Posting Content:

Content Type to Post WikiRep Granted
Article 5 points
Nugget 1 point
Player Update (coming soon) 1 point

You also receive 5 WikiRep points when another user follows you. 

WikiRep determines your Writer Level and Revenue Bonuses:

WikiRep Total Writer Level Revenue Bonus
0-499 points Level 1 Writer (bronze)  50%
500-999 points Level 2 Writer (silver)  100%
1000+ points Level 3 Writer (gold)  150%

Payout minimum is 50.00 USD. We are currently using PayPal for payouts with more options coming soon. 

Immediately gain WikiRep and start making money based on activity, traffic and user enthusiasm. For info see Terms and Conditions

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